Медицинское оборудование

Medical Systems and Technologies

Basic information about our company

MST (Medical systems and technologies) is a leading provider of medical equipment for private hospitals in Russia.

MST was established in 2007 by a specialists of medical holding and technician specialties graduates. The medical holding was a center for integrated design and equipping of government hospitals. MST now considered as a gold standard of supply and it offers a powerful combination of hi-tech technologies and team expertise within ultrasound, x-ray, magnetic resonance imaging, mammography, interventional radiology, computed tomography, surgery and intensive care.

During this time, we have had a continuous growth that has positioned us as one of national leaders in private medicine market. We have five divisions: digital imaging, medical ultrasound, cosmetology, surgery and intensive care, technical and education.

Our clients are the largest private medical clinics and medical networks. We cooperate with more than 50 companies and regional service providers. We have considerable experience in developing a new products on the Russian market, obtaining a certificates, searching for key customers, participating in trade shows. Our company promotes the product with 10 own websites.

Contact E-mail: zotov@medsyst.ru

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